June 12, 2010

Finally Summer!

Today's visible image says it all--clear skies except for some regional low clouds that are rapidly burning off. Here is the latest forecast of max temps today from probcast:
mid-seventies over central Puget Sound and even warmer (80s!) east of the Cascades and in the Willamette Valley. Finally, a summer-like day that will get those strawberries and raspberries going and give our tomatoes a needed boost.

Tomorrow will not be as nice...but it may be good enough for many activities. A weak front will be moving through the region Sunday AM, bring clouds and a few sprinkles on the coast and NW WA. The afternoon should be dry over the lowlands with partly cloudy conditions. Temps should drop about 10F to the mid-sixties on Sunday.

In the wake of the front marine air will move it...an onshore push...and Monday will be relatively cool and cloudy over the western side of the state, with temps only getting into the lower 60s. Typical June weather. Nothing exciting next week...just June weather with mixed clouds, high in the 60s, and relatively dry. No big storms.


  1. Is this our first official day above 75?

  2. I have an unrelated question.

    I read this on msnbc


    I thought the rain shadow was on the north side of the Olympics and Whidbey Island?

  3. I don't think we hit 75 today. Sea-tac and Boeing Field both look like they got to 74. UW ATMOS shows a high there of only 73.

    Did we fail to break the record?

  4. The max temp recorded at SeaTac was 73.9. Missed it by *that* much.

  5. On an unrelated note...the iPhone app for Cliff's weather blog is outstanding. It works great and is free. Nice job Cliff...

  6. The record is still going to be broken - just don't know what day yet. It was still the latest day on record at SeaTac to reach 73 or 74.

  7. I'm not a fan of records that are some regular integer that maximizes the minimum amount.

    Dunno if that makes sense.

  8. Regarding the iPhone app: yes, it's wonderful. I use it all the time. Has anyone else noticed that the dates of the posts are all screwy though? It says the posts are happening in 700AD or some other crazy year and the date/month isn't correct either.


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