June 04, 2010

Funnel Cloud and Sunday's Weather

Here is a picture sent to me by Michael Baseflug (forwarded to him by a co-worker) of a funnel cloud observed around 5:10 PM today (Friday). And another one provided by Brad Colman of the National Weather Service:

Looking at the radar this funnel was embedded in some heavy precipitation associated with the current Puget Sound convergence zone. Puget Sound tornadoes are often associated with CZs (my book tells why).

The convergence zone will weaken tomorrow and Saturday will be a fine day.

The models still have problem with Sunday...we are just on the northern edge of the rainfall associated with a system south of us. One thing is clear, the further north you go the drier it will be....Bellingham will be better than Portland!


  1. where exactly was the funnel cloud located Cliff?

  2. It was in Monroe about 5:20pm-ish. I drove thru the downpour that accompanied it and it is STILL pouring with rain here at 10:30pm. Stupid convergence zone.

    Someone do a sunshine dance or sacrifice a chicken or something please!

  3. We were outside in East Bellevue at that time and those clouds were obviously trouble ... having grown up in North Carolina, I said out loud to my ten year old, "Those look like tornado clouds, but we hardly ever have tornadoes here". Uh-huh.

  4. Interesting, given Katy's comment, when I checked the river levels at Index and Galena they've been falling ever since midnight of 6/3. Must not have been as much foothill rain as one would expect.


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