June 08, 2010

Weekend Heat Wave...but first

It is really looking like we will FINALLY see some real warmth this weekend...but first there will be clouds and rain.
As an amusing aside, it looks certain that we will break a major record tomorrow...the latest in the season that the Sea-Tac maximum temperature has not hit 75F! The record is June 9...and there is virtually no chance we will get that high tomorrow. You will tell your grand kids about this some day. Maybe.

A front with some heavy showers is moving in now (Tuesday night) and more are expected Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is the transition day and then the unexpected will occur....ridging aloft and offshore flow leading to a major warming on Saturday.
Exhibit 1: Here is the 500 mb upper level chart for Friday at 4 PM. A very nice ridge is developing.
Exhibit 2: The same chart a day later...even better.What about the surface temperatures? Here is the latest model forecast for 5 PM on Saturday. SEVENTIES OVER THE LOWLANDS. And 80s in the Willamette Valley and portions of eastern Washington.

Get your barbecues ready! The ridge will hold through Sunday, with temperatures at least as warm. Unfortunately, it will cool down in next week a bit...


  1. I heard a pretty good thunderclap here in Olympia in the last half hour. neat

  2. Yep, big thunder at my place too. Cliff says "A front with some heavy showers is moving in..." Got that right. In Olympia my weather station just recorded a rainfall rate of 4.6 inches/hour(!) That's an average over a 10 minute period, so it peaked well above that rate for a few minutes. It was the most intense rainfall that I have seen in many decades. On the radar, it was a tiny red speck that boiled up over my location and faded away in 15 minutes.

  3. It's really nice having an early November but when are we going to have a summer? How am I supposed to paint people's homes when it rains, then dries up and then rains again. I need some dry weather!!!

  4. This early November is getting old now. How about some summer weather? I need to paint some houses and decks. Rain, sun, rain, sun, enough already!

  5. Hey Cliff!
    Thanks for appearing on our radio show Saturday! I received many comments on how interesting the segment was.
    I'm up in Sitka AK right now and it appears that we are on the flip side of that high pressure system. We are bracing for 45kt winds and 20 foot seas! I have never seen that before here in S.E. AK!
    Thanks again, Tom Nelson

  6. The "Weekend Heat Wave..." reminds me of our first 80 degree day. We like to be able to know that having a supper with friends will be nice and warm and having it on the first 80 degree day insures that.

    Living in Bellingham, I looked up several years of weather history and found the first 80 degree day ranging from May 1st to July 10th.

    I guess there is still hope to beat the July 10th date!

  7. 20c on gfs 19thish thermal low coming up the coast..


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