June 01, 2010

Weather Picture of the Day

Take a look at this satellite picture: a line of clouds and rain stretching THOUSANDS of miles are headed for our area. This looks like November!

The rain is now moving into western Washington and the latest forecast is for substantial rain, particularly on the western side of our terrain (see 24-h precip map ending at 5 PM Wednesday).

A windstorm is still on tap for Friday. More on that later.

Even eastern Washington will be wet and some locations on the western slopes may receive 2-4 inches. One good thing about these conditions: plenty of water to fill our reservoirs for summer use. Here is the latest snowpack conditions in the area...the Olympics are at roughly 250% of normal, and much of the rest of the region near 100%. Demand for water is down. There will be no water problems this summer for irrigation, drinking, or for fish.


  1. Cliff,

    Thankfully it's rather quick moving. They had that front stalling out somewhere couple days ago.

    I'm not familiar w/ the column intergrated water vapor map. You posted it a long time ago, but I could not find it, only to compare. But there's a stream of whites and dark blues tonight. Does it get that moist in November?

  2. At least the weather is interesting versus the minor drizle of the past few days.

  3. danreedmiller, even though I am familiar with the term, I had a good laugh reading that. Let's see...other "bright sides"...my two sheep are pretty happy with the lush pasture right now. Always good to have plenty of water for the salmon in our streams.

  4. This might discourage me but I keep reminding myself that I'm taking a big road trip across the country very soon. So summer will truly begin on that trip. And maybe by the time I return it'll be more summerlike here. My tomatoes and eggplants are begging for it!

  5. Love this weather!! What can I say? Having lived here all of my life, I feel a bit akin to moss. Looking forward to windy events on Friday. Thanks, as always!!

  6. I'm fine with rain and wind from October 1 through the end of May. But once we get into June, I start getting grumpy. Being a little cool and cloudy is one thing, but this is ridiculous. We're approaching some very sad records in delayed warmth and prolonged rain.

    And troughs this time of year, for whatever reason, seem to be rare, but VERY stubborn to dislodge. That's why the long range forecasts have biffed it recently, the trough ain't moving. Hopefully the latest round, which shows some hope for sun next week, will finally be right.

  7. It seems that, at least so far, the weather word for 2010 is "unseasonably." Unseasonably warm in January. Unseasonably wet, cold, and windy in May. So far also unseasonably cold, with predictions of unseasonably wet and windy in June.

    Will be be lucky and have unseasonably calm and dry weather in November? One can only hope.

  8. Congrats on the Seattle Weekly Web Awards win from a fellow winner! Haha, rock on Cliff!

    - Adam and Team Sonicsgate

  9. "Thursday is a break day and then an REALLY strong system hits on Friday...and may be a powerful windstorm on top of rain."

    I hope it's not more powerful than today's is turning out to be. Sustained winds in the upper 30s to mid 40s here in the Islands, and gusts have been up to 53 at Race Rocks and 42 at Smith Island, and it's still increasing. It's coming from the west, which is worse than the south because the trees aren't braced as well for it.

    Still waiting for spring to arrive and my tomatoes to have half a chance of success.

  10. Cliff:

    What's the story behind freeing up the KBIX (Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS) radar?

    Was the location/radar damaged in Hurricane Katrina as Keesler took a "direct" hit and was the worst hit military base,

    Or is it now redundant with coverage from other more inland sites? I see there is a site outside Mobile, AL that covers that area now.

    Keesler AFB is (or was?) the home of Air Force Hurricane Hunters, 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, who fly WC-130J.


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