June 09, 2010

Remarkable Convergence Zone Rain

We have had some very strong showers over the region during the past six hours and particularly in a convergence zone over the north Sound and eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca (check out recent radar above). It is really pouring in some locations.

Take a look at the last 6-h rainfall from the Seattle rainwatch web site (www.atmos.washington.edu/SPU). Some locations on the Kitsap and near Marysville have gotten TWO to THREE inches over the last six hours. I would not be surprised if there was some street or urban flooding in these places (this is what Rainwatch, funded by Seattle's Public Utilities, was designed to help show). An other heavy rain band struck Tacoma and the south Sound. Not as much action in between due to rainshadowing in the lee of the Olympics.
Now there are some people who make fun of weathermen (none of you, of course). But to show you how far we have come...below is forecast made this morning for three hour rainfall ending 11 PM. Compare that against the radar...not perfect, but it got the general idea of that SW-NE band over the N Sound.

And, as I noted yesterday, Saturday is still on track to be warm and sunny. Not as good on Sunday.


  1. Amazing how dry it was here in Redmond all afternoon and early evening. Baseball practice for the kids was even called in anticipation of that rain hitting us and nada.

  2. Speaking of weathermen, a lot of entities, including WashDOT, employ private weather forcasting companies. What can these companies possibly do that NWS cannot? Presumably they are relying on data from NWS and other government agencies. Given that NWS gives point forecasts, what can these companies add that justifies the cost?

  3. I rode my motorcycle from Everett to Seattle at around 4:00. It was raining buckets from the SR526/I-5 junction to the 112'th street HOV offramp, with standing water on I5. Reminded me of a Florida thunderstorm. Then it was like a switch was flipped, the roads were dry and there were actually a few sunbreaks. My motorcycle gear was dry by the time I got to Green Lake.

  4. A friend of mine living near Seattle turned me on to your great Weather Blog. I am a native Oregonian, former Portlander and now living in the Sunshine State--since late 2006. I certainly miss many aspects of the Great Pacific Northwest, including Portland--& Seattle. BUT...I will NEVER miss the long, cold, gray, rainy, cold, cloudy, gray days of the "10 month winter" through which I used to suffer. (( Did I mention "cold" and "rainy?" ))

    With warmest regards,
    Larry (aka Lorenzo DeTampa)


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