October 02, 2020

New Podcast: Fog and Smoke, and the Latest Forecast

My new podcast is up and in it I talk about our foggy situation and the remnant California smoke.  I also give the insights into fog season and why we are int he foggiest time of the year!    The satellite image below says it all... fog over the ocean and in the western WA/Oregon lowlands, while veils of smoke are apparent overhead.

You can play the podcast below, or use you favorite streaming service.

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  1. Cliff: what’s with all this persistent high pressure ridging?

    “Highs check in, but they DON’T Check out?!!!!????”


  2. Four of us from The Mountaineers climbed Stillaguamish Peak today. On the summit, at about 5700 feet, it was like midsummer- warmer than in the valley. There was a little haze, but it was basically sunny- quite an inversion.


Heat Wave!

 Find your sunglasses.  Stock up on sunscreen.  And get your shorts and tee shirts out.  You will need them.    A Northwest spring heatwave ...