October 16, 2020

New Podcast: Friday Wind, Showery Weekend and the Revenge of the Blob

New Podcast:  Friday Wind, Showery Weekend and the Revenge of the Blob

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After a blustery Friday, expect a cool weekend with some showers on Sunday morning.  But one thing has NOT been cool is the low temperatures we have experienced each morning.  For over a month, our low temperatures have been 5-8F above normal.  Why?  It turns out that the feared BLOB of warm eastern Pacific temperatures have returned and that warm water is keeping our temperatures toasty at night.  In the second segment of my podcast I will tell you all you need about the BLOB and why it strengthened over the summer.

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  1. Cliff, I am wondering about the bad air quality on Vancouver Island, BC: https://www.wunderground.com/health/ca/nanaimo?cm_ven=localwx_modaq
    windy.com has been showing poor AQ for some time: https://www.windy.com/-PM2-5-pm2p5?cams,pm2p5,49.127,-123.695,9

  2. Yeah, we will probably be OK. In general the wealthy countries will be OK. Basically, other than mass extinction, mass migration and instability that makes the conflict in Syria look like a spitball fight we all should be hunky dory. Seriously though, the people who whine about warmer temperatures or smoke are missing the big picture. There is a reason why folks at the Pentagon spend so much effort on the subject of global warming -- it isn't about the polar bears. (Only scientists and romantics worry about mass extinction apparently).


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