March 11, 2022

A Strong Low Center Crosses the Columbia River. Oregon Gets Big Winds. Washington Does Not. All Explained in My New Podcast. Plus, Lots of Rain and Snow on Monday.

 On Sunday morning, a strong low center will cross the Columbia Bars near Astoria. (see forecast sea level pressure and wind at 10 PM Saturday).

The Oregon coasts will see gusts to 70 mph, while the central Washington coast and Puget Sound will just get a little breeze.  

Why the difference?  I explain why in my podcast.  And I also talk about the upcoming modest atmospheric river (see moisture transport forecast below for 5 PM Monday), which should bring heavy rain and snow to the Olympics and North Cascades.

Moisture transport late Monday afternoon (red and whitish colors indicate large amounts)

The 48-h precipitation totals through 5 AM Wednesday snow large enhancement by the terrain and a profound rainshadow around Sequim and Port Townsend.

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  1. Is there any data over the last 20 years that show the number of "atmospheric rivers" per winter?

  2. Looks like you guys over-predicted the rain a bit: This is no match for a typical Pineapple Express, both from a precipitation and a temperature standpoint. Or is it just a little late?


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