May 13, 2022

What you should know about surface temperature, and another winter-like week ahead. All in my podcast.

You check the "temperature" on your smartphone or another device.  

 What does it really mean?  

It turns out that temperature is not as simple as you might assume.

Can the temperature at the ground be very different than reported on your device or on TV?  Yes, it can.

Can the time of maximum temperature vary at various depths in the soil?  You bet.

And knowing about the nature of surface temperature can save your life.

All is explained in my podcast.

My podcast also includes a review of the dismal week ahead.

Here is the total precipitation forecast for the next week.   Up to FIVE INCHES in the mountains.   And lots in eastern Washington.  Potential for flooding on a few Washington rivers.

Lots of snow above 4000 ft! (see below).  There will be good skiing at Whistler way into June. Several feet will fall in the mountains of British Columbia.

And extraordinary cold is being forecast for the next ten days (see European Center forecast below).  Very unusual.

The cold, wet story is found in my podcast (see below).

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  1. Maybe will have a dry late summer and next fall since we'll be well above average for the the year and yes I'm still convinced it will be a hot summer despite what some may say and the cfs climate model is showing that as well, peace.

  2. Hi Cliff, I'm probably the only person in your comments who doesn't like podcasts, but I don't. Do you put transcripts up of your podcasts? Thanks

  3. Scott's Grass seed germinates fine at the current mid-50 temperature, surprising because above 60 degrees is recommended on the instructions. There must be more to it...


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