July 22, 2022

Potential Aurora Tonight and an Upcoming Heat Wave. All in My Latest Podcat

 A solar storm occurred a few days ago and the particles should reach Earth's orbit tonight.   The potential result:  a beautiful auroral display (see example below from Skunk Bay Weather on the Kitsap Peninsula).

My podcast reveals the details.  By the way, in Seattle, a good place to view the action might be the kite hill in Magnuson Park after 10:30 PM.

And then there is the future heatwave.

A potent upper-level ridge will build offshore (see upper-level, 500 hPa map for 5 PM Tuesday below) and this will result in steady warming next week.  The ridge weakens during the subsequent days but does not go anywhere fast.  

In my podcast I talk about the warming into mid-week and the potential for several days in the lower 90s in west and well above 100F in the east.

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  1. If that low around 40N 140W were a little deeper....

  2. Looking west over the Olympics last night from Ballard there was a pronounced streak that traveled slowly through the night sky. Probably a few minutes to go from South to North.

  3. Did anybody see the streak in the sky last night around 10: 28. We saw it looking west from Ballard over the sound high in the sky. Space junk perhaps?

    1. SpaceX satellite, if you saw what I saw during a fireworks show in Souther. Idaho at about that same time. I thought it was so cool.

  4. Early this morning ~0300 from near Port Williams/Sequim I was looking North over the Strait and saw an area of unusual light. I have been looking for aurora the past few nights but it was cloudy where I am. My sighting this morning was similar to the picture in Cliff's post. Did anyone else see anything like this?


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