July 08, 2022

Why so humid this week? And more summer-like weather ahead. All in my new podcast.

This week I received a number of complaints about humidity.   Folks were sweating and icy drinks were drenched on the outside.

 If one was from the eastern half of the U.S. one might laugh at such complaints, but one thing is true, the dew point temperature, a potent measure of atmospheric moisture was the highest of the past month, rising to near 60F (see plot of dew point at SeaTac below).

My podcast talks about dew point temperature and tells you why it climated above normal earlier this week.

My podcast also provides the forecast for the next week and talks about the mini-heatwave on Monday and Tuesday, when temperatures will surge into the 80s in western Washington, 90s in the Willamette Valley and over 100F in portions of the Columbia Basin (see forecast to 5 PM Monday below).  Cooler along the coast and northwest Washington.

But by Wednesday, the cool marine air will come rushing back in.

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  1. Looks like the dreaded blob is here, again. And, research just published indicates that the blob(s) can be attributed to global warming: https://www.nature.com/articles/s43247-022-00461-2. Comment?

    1. "Misrepresentation, exaggeration, cherry picking or outright lying pretty much covers all the so-called evidence marshalled in support of the theory of imminent catastrophic global warming caused by fossil fuels and CO2."

  2. I'm enjoying these short stints of moderate heat. It's finally looking like "real summer". I'll take this over the the scorchers we've had previously. It's been cooling off enough at night to be comfortable. Then the perfect daytime temps return: 72-78°F.

  3. My subjective opinion about our summers here...during my many years here now, it seems like our summers do not really rev up until July...June used to be a pretty decent, heating up-type of time...not so much over the last few decades...and summer now seems to include almost all of September!...only in October does the temp begin to plummet...for some reason, there has been an offset of sorts!


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