November 14, 2023

Rallies for Genocide at the University of Washington

I am more than disappointed with the University of Washington administration.

I am dismayed and saddened by the efforts of pro-Hamas students and their radical supporters in the community.

Three times during the past month there have been rallies on the University of Washington campus supporting genocide.   Rallies that called for the elimination of the State of Israel and the removal of its Jewish inhabitants.   Rallies for genocide.    

Such gatherings have no place on any campus.  The First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech, an essential foundation of American freedom, does not protect calls for violence.

Would the UW allow hundreds of KKK members on campus, their faces covered with hoods, calling for the elimination of minorities in the U.S.?  

I think not.

But the UW will allow hundreds of students and outsiders to call for the elimination of the Jewish State.

Much of the organization of these gatherings is associated with an official UW Student Group (UW-SUPER-Students United for Palestinian Equality & Return), whose first rally advertisement celebrated HAMAS killers descending into Israel on paragliders.

At all three rallies signs and chants called for a Palestinian state from the river to the sea (the Jordan River to the Mediterranean), with Israel erased from existence.  Like the KKK, many covered their faces, but with masks or Keffiyeh.

And if their intent to kill Israelis and Jews was not clear enough, there were repeated chants of One solutionintifada revolution".    As you know, the intifada featured the murder of civilians and the setting of bombs on buses and public places.    It was a call for murder by the UW crowd.

To attempt to prevent the outside world from knowing about the genocidal calls at these UW rallies, the organizers had bouncers in masks and yellow vests that attempted to cover the lens of smartphones and cameras of those trying to record the proceedings (the example below is from an independent journalist Jonathan Choe)

Rally supporters went around campus tearing down pro-Israel posters or signs noting the kidnapped.  You can see what Hamas supporters think about freedom of speech.

Much of the organization was done by the UW-SUPER group, whose Facebook page is not a friendly place for the truth.    For example, they had several posts accusing an Israeli missile of being directed at a hospital in south Gaza.  Just a lie.  We now know it was a failed Islamic Jihad rocket aimed at Israel.

How can the UW administration allow such rallies for genocide on the UW campus?  Why is the SUPER group still an approved UW student group?  

The UW provides unending "training" about microaggressions and the importance of using the correct person pronouns.  There is a very expensive UW DEI bureaucracy (about 20 million dollars per year) that supposedly is there to prevent minorities from being discriminated against.  But there is not a peep from this huge bureaucracy when Jews are being directly threatened with extinction and Jewish students on campus are in a state of fear, a situation that has gotten international attention.  Jews don't count.  There is a name for this.

Even worse, some staff within the UW School of Education put out a statement in support of the Hamas efforts.“We firmly support the cause of Palestinians and their fight for freedom from the unlawful and oppressive settler colonial apartheid state".  

In addition to calling for genocide and the end of Israel, the UW students supporting Hamas show an embarrassing lack of understanding of the history of the region and of Israel.  One of their big chants and talking points is that Israel is a colonial state, an outpost of the U.S. and other bad actors.  That Arabs are the original inhabitants of the region, with Jews a recent addition.  I confirmed this viewpoint at the Hamas rally a little over a week ago

Unbelievable ignorance.  Jews have made Israel their home for over THREE THOUSAND YEARS.  King David ruled about 1000 BCE.  Jews are the indigenous people of the land.  Time and again they were attacked or ejected by conquers:  the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Romans, and the name only a few.  Each time some remained and when possible the rest came back from exile.   The Arabs took over the region around 700 AD after the Jews were there for 1700 years.  The Arabs colonized a vast part of the Middle East, North Africa, and even parts of Europe.  Why are they not called colonizers?

To call the Jews recent colonizers of the land is simply nonsense. To suggest Zionism is racism is untrue, toxic, and unfair.   Clearly, the UW has failed to provide even a basic historical education to these students. Strangely, many of the pro-Hamas protesters are exactly the kind of folks who solemnly recite land acknowledgments for Native Americans.   Not quite consistent are they?

But what may be the most disturbing aspect of the pro-Hamas and pro-genocide rallies on campus is the stunning lack of moral sense of the students and their supporters. The Hamas killers were totally barbaric.  They killed unarmed civilians.  They murdered children, and they beheaded and cut up some of their victims in the most brutal ways.  They sent thousands of rockets to kill and maim Israeli civilians, not unlike the Nazi rocket attacks on England during WW2.   Can there be any doubt about what would happen if they conquered Israel?

But the UW Hamas supporters are not repelled by this violence. It can be overlooked because of the higher cause to eradicate the State of Israel.  

A nihilist, self-righteous worldview in which political violence is ok.  A viewpoint that threatens the foundations of the civilized world.  

And an attitude that threatens us here in Seattle today. 

Remember the violence in 2020, when many stores were looted, damaged, and destroyed in Seattle?  Same attitude: violence for a righteous cause is OK.  And the city still has not recovered from their actions.

A week ago, a local evangelical church put on a rally FOR Israel on the UW campus and invited the son of one of the Hamas founders to speak at their church.  A few days later, one of their churches was broken into and trashed.

Political violence is never ok.  Genocide is never ok.  And the University of Washington has failed grievously to teach its students this lesson.


  1. Cliff speaks the truth. The UW is debasing its reputation, flunking basic educational standards, and is creating an unsafe environment for its students (actually unsafe, unlike using the wrong pronouns). Shame on the UW administration.

  2. Thanks Cliff, as a UW Alum, i agree completely. Never thought i would see Anti Semitism again at UW especially favoring the brutal clan at Hamas. What a shit world we live in again. No progress seems possible with humans. Sad.

  3. Israel is it's own worst enemy. For decades, Israel has been torturing the Palestinians. Eth ic cleansing will breed more terrorism. Why don't the Israelis join in a campaign to restore the environment. Now that would be refreshing and imaginative. An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

    1. What you say makes no sense? Where in the world do you come up with Israel torturing Palestinians? Hamas has been shooting thousands of rockets at Israel and killing civilians...we know that for sure. Restore the environment? What are you talking about? Israel was forced into this eye for eye. What would you have said after Pearl Harbor? Leave Japan alone?

    2. The only ethnic cleansing in the region has been done AGAINST Jewish people. Look at Jewish populations in surrounding countries, they have been massacred, driven out and eliminated from many areas and that is still what is going on to this day with the attacks on Israel. These people deny Israels right to exsist, Israel finally can defend itself and the result is people here from the comfort of thier couches that view the Majority in the middle East that wants to wipe out Jewish people as the "good guys" ridiculous.

  4. Very fitting this was held in "Red Square". A repeat of the same old mistakes, made over and over again every 2 or 3 generations. The barbarians are once again at the gate.

    1. This is from “The Militant”, as you can see on its banner “A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people”

      Since Teheran-backed Hamas death squads carried out a wave of pogroms, killing over 1,400 Jews and others at an outdoor dance party and at a series of Kibbutzim Oct. 7, horrifying working people worldwide, Israeli forces have moved to decisively defeat Hamas and render it incapable of further murderous assaults.


      The pogrom and the response to it by Israelis and working people worldwide marks a watershed in world politics. Jew-hatred is more and more a part of what imperialism has in store for working people as the crisis of capitalism deepens.

      Demonstrations backing Hamas around the world have exposed the growth of Jew-hatred among middle-class layers and the “left.” At the same time, the conflict is drawing millions of workers and youth into politics, posing the question, “Which side are you on?”

  5. A number of the "pictures" at the following link (2 weeks' worth) express similar views to Cliff's.

  6. hmm...not an expert on First Amendment jurisprudence, but perhaps this doesn't meet the "imminent...action" test? These students are idiots, but this brown Jew doesn't feel any immediate threat. Let them state their ignorance to the world.
    Regarding history, you left out some important facts: at the founding of Israel, roughly 850,000 Israeli Jews were not Ashkenazi that came from Europe; they were refugees from Middle Eastern countries, de facto kicked out of Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco et al. Meanwhile, only ~750,000 so-called "Palestinians" were displaced. In addition, many of those Palestinians were recent arrivals from nearby Muslim countries that came to work for the British. Ergo, there are more Jewish refugees than Muslim refugees in the region. If Palestinians get Israel - or even a two-state solution, will the surrounding Muslim countries take back their indigenous Jews, now numbering in the millions? (hint: this is a rhetorical question).
    Muslims have the whole of the region and, from the British territory got all of Jordan. Jews were kicked out of neighboring Muslim countries and got Israel. Seems fair and, if anything, the Jews go the short end of the stick.
    The real solution to this intractable conflict is for Muslim countries to take in the Palestinian refugees just as Israel took in Jewish refugees from around the world.
    It would also be nice if my tax dollars didn't go to this Abrahamic sand trap. The Israelis may have history on their side, but they're also a relatively rich country and don't need my money. Israel is like my rich uncle: I'm on his side but I'm not buying him lunch.

    1. Dave... considering that the violence has already happened, the imminent aspects seems to be already fulfilled. Israel does not have the resources to protect itself alone. US support is essential. Israel is not a rich uncle to the US..cliff

  7. It's sad that any support for the humans in Gaza is automatically equated as support for Hamas. It is equally sad that any support of the Palestinian people means one doesn't support the right of Israel to exist. Both of these things can be true at the same time. No matter what one hears in the press every day.

    1. No one is saying that support for humans in Gaza is support for Hamas. Who is saying this? The truth is that Hamas deliberately started a war knowing that civilians would be hurt. Totally immoral.

    2. Starting a war knowing and expecting that citizens will put in harms way is immoral. Using them as shields is degenerate.

  8. Very disappointing to see the lack of knowledge about the history of that region. Jewish people have been there for thousands of years.

  9. This has been a problem as long as I have been around. There are atrocities on both sides. The Left supports native Americans (and a lot of small steps have been made in deference to Native Americans recently- everything from changing place names to names given by the natives, to special rights such as special fishing rights, permission to use Peyote, wearing Eagle feathers which is forbidden to Europeans, etc.) because they were taken over by the "official" establishment. In the Middle East, Israel has more "official" support, so the "alternative" people support the Palestinians. This is an emotional reaction: Most of the American left does not support Hamas- but they look at the numbers. Israel lost about 1400 citizens- but we're told that 10,000 plus Palestinians have been killed- many innocent civilians. This is anything but a "surgical" strike on the part of Israel. Most of these wars have killed more on the Palestinian side, but I don't mean to make light of what they've done, either- they did start this latest conflict.

    It will not end until both sides can agree on firm national borders for Israel.

    1. really have to consider the information you are using. The Israeli numbers are hard and supported. Can you REALLY trust the Hamas numbers after their history of exaggeration? You remember the hospital where Israel bombs supposedly killed about 500? Turns out it was a terrorist rocket and the numbers killed were far less. How many of the ten thousand were Hamas fighters? Certainly many thousands. You are totally incorrect about the nature of how the Israels are fighting this....they ARE doing it surgically. The death tolls is startlingly low for a densely population area of 2 million. The Israelis are being extraordinarly careful and trying to protect civilians. War is a horrible entity with loss of civilian lives. A good reason never to start a war. And that is what Hamas did. Hamas did not care about the civilians in Gaza.

    2. Ansel, Why wold you trust the numbers provided by the Palestinian government? Hamas has been the Palestinian government since 2006. This is the same Hamas that provided maps to their fighters to locate childcare facilities so that they could burn children alive on October 7. The same Hamas that put babies in ovens and turned them on. The same Hamas that did atrocity after atrocity.
      They are liars.
      Also, it has been observed that Hamas fighters have been wearing civilian clothes so that they can be listed as civilian deaths when found killed.
      Also, the IDF spent literally weeks telling the people of Gaza to get out prior to moving in. There are reports of Hamas shooting civilians who tried to leave during this time period. I couldn't confirm sources but it certainly seems within the realm of reasonablity since they seem to have no care for human life and human shields are useful tools (please note the derisive sarcasm).

      Borders? they don't care about borders. Israel gave Gaza back to the Palestinian people in 2005, instead of building infrastructure and improving life, they voted Hamas into power and spent the last 20 years planning attacks on Israel. They even went so far as to tear out pipelines to obtain materials to build missiles to launch at Israel. Israel gave palestinians jobs, and they used that to gain information about where to launch their terror attack. Ever listened to the "from the river to the sea" chant? The river is the Jordan river - the eastern border, and the sea is the Mediterranean the west border. In essence, the only acceptable border is no Israel at all. It's blatant anti-semitism.

    3. Ansel, at every opportunity Palestinians have responded to offers of peace with violence. If Hamas or Fatah stopped fighting there would be peace. If Israel stopped fighting it would be destroyed. Hamas has been sending rockets into Israel continuously since 2007. If Israel didn't protect itself 10's of thousands of Israeli's would have died. A short story about Hamas may help in understanding. In 2007 there was an election in Gaza. The current government was Fatah. Hamas won. The next day Hamas operatives went to the municipal building in Gaza, rounded up the Fatah workers, took them to the top of the 8 story building and murdered them by throwing them off the roof. Hamas has received billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. Instead of using it to benefit Gazans, they spent it on weapons and tunnels. The only possibility of peace is for Hamas to be destroyed. The other Arab countries know this and agree. None of the other Arab countries want anything to do with Hamas. Except for Iran, who supports Hamas. The reason for the brutal invasion of Israel on October 7th was to undermine the peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Iran and Saudi are arch enemies. Lastly, October 7th for Israel was 10 times what 9/11 was for the United States. 9/11 resulted in two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, and millions of people dying. Israel has the right to defend itself.

  10. Cliff, Micah,

    Yes, to be fair, as they say, "I can neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of my information". I only know what I hear on the news, which, when it comes to world affairs, is mostly NPR, KOMO, PBS, and the Seattle Times.

  11. Thank you Dr. Mass for your insightful comments. The activities of ill-informed, adolescent minded pro-Hamas protestors are yet another stunning example of extreme left propaganda influencing the minds of gullible college students. If only they had a grasp of factual history, then they would realize the correlation between their activities and those of other extreme racist groups throughout our sad human history. Perhaps they will form Einstatzgrupen units to purge the campus of Jews and others will do not conform to their ill-informed reductionistic views. I admire your courage to write the truth despite the milieu in which you are immersed there at UW.


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