October 29, 2008

Major Changes Ahead

Well, we have all enjoyed the past two weeks...one of the best end of Octobers in a while. As shown in the graphs (for Sea-Tac AP), our temperatures have been at or above normal and precipitation has been well below normal. And the leaf colors are the finest I can remember. This favorable weather has been associated with persistent high pressure...also known as ridging...over the west coast. But things are a changing. The computer models are all showing a major regime change, with a high-amplitude trough developing just offshore. By Friday, the rains should return and a cloudy, wet weekend is in store. Not raining all the time...but now we will be open to Pacific weather systems.
Today will be quite decent. The front that was approaching us has weakend and will not bring much rain tonight. Very little fog this morning and there will be plenty of sunshine today...mixed with clouds. Temps in the 50s. Dry tommorrow...and then the transition to rain on Friday.

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  1. Heard you interviewed on the radio a while back about your book. Oustanding! My household now counts on you for accurate and thorough weather forecasts. Thanks for the blog! We read it every day.


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