October 24, 2008

The Weekend Forecast

This morning this was lots of fog and freezing temperatures away from water...so the black ice threat was there. Be careful on these days during the morning.
The forecast for this weekend is still on track. A weak front is now moving in from the north...we have some clouds from it already and they should thicken later...particularly over the northern part of the state. (see the satellite picture) Temps getting into the mid fifties today. The front will move through tonight, with perhaps a few sprinkles. There will be some clouds remaining when you wake up tomorrow...but they should then and weaken during the morning. So Saturday will be decent, with temps getting to near 60. Sunday should be wonderful as high pressure builds over the region and offshore flow develops....should reach into the 60s. Monday and Tuesday should remain sunny, dry, and warm. A front will approach late Wednesday...but right now it looks like the daytime hours should be dry and warm..but with increasing clouds during the afternoon. And then rain on Thursday.

Sat picture caption: You can see the fog in the Columbia River valley north of Portland and in the lowlands stretching up to Puget Sound. Also the Willamette Valley. The front clouds are in the NW portion of the photo.

My black ice web site: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~cliff/Roadway3.html

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