October 26, 2008

Wind in the mountains

Yesterday, my wife and I hiked to the top of Tiger Mountain, which reaches about 2500 ft. There was an inversion yesterday morning, with cold air in the lowest few hundred feet and warmer air aloft. Because of a difference in pressure across the Cascades (with high pressure to the east of the crest and lower pressure to the west), there was strong easterly flow (from the east) starting roughly 500-1000 ft above the surface (see weather map with pressure analysis on it).
Winds were weak and temps were cold as we started our hike, but as we gained altitude the temps warmed perceptibly. Nearing the top the winds from the east picked up...gusting to 20-30 mph at least. Check out my video to see what it was like.
Nice weather today..sunny, with highs in the 60s. Same for tomorrow.

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