October 20, 2008

Monday Weather Analysis

A well-defined line of rain, associated with a Pacific cold front, is now approaching Puget Sound (see the radar picture). In this image the yellow are heavy rain and the green are moderate rain. Note the lack of radar echo on the coast the the triangle shape void over the Olympic peninsula...the reason---no radar coverage! The front should move through during the early to mid afternoon..followed by showers on the Cascades and the formation of a Puget Sound convergence zone north of Seattle...so the rain and clouds might well continue there into the evening. So go to Tacoma if you want dry weather late in the afternoon! Tomorrow and Wednesday should be dry as high pressure moves in. Another front approaches Wed night.
This month has been a bit drier than normal so far....at Sea Tac 1.46 inches of rain, when 1.60 would be normal by now.


  1. Hi Cliff, we have THUNDER on the Eastside (Renton/Newcastle), what's up with that? It's 2pm. Thank you for creating this blog, nice to finally have a reliable weather source!!

  2. Mark
    I can see the storm in the radar...very intense radar echo. There are some showers that have formed behind the cold front...in fact a line of instability showers formed in the Pacific and is now entering the sound...will rain hard very soon..then should quiet down after 5pm...cliff

  3. argh.. I should have read your recent comment before riding my bike home from work. I got soaked.

    Thanks again for this wonderful blog.


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