October 17, 2008

Latest weather analysis

A warm front moved through yesterday afternoon and you can feel it. Temperatures last night remained high and we have moderate southwesterly winds aloft. But change is approaching. A weak cold front is now extending from the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula to Vancouver and has some light to moderate rain. The front will slowly move southeastward durng the day, but we should get considerable protection from rainshadow off the Olympics. So increasing clouds and increasing chance of showers late in the afternoon and evening. Nothing major. The front will move through over the night, bring cooler air. The weekend looks great. Some residual clouds Saturday morning...particularly over the mountains...but they should progressively thin during the morning. No rain Saturday and temps getting into the upper 50s. Sunday will be even better...temps getting to 60 and perhaps a few degrees higher. Another front and rain for Monday. Looks like a big ridge and dry spell from Tuesday into Wed.

Take a look at the latest radar image...you can see the rain north of us:


  1. Whoo-hoo. Thanks for the blog, Cliff.

  2. Thank you for blogging the weather here.

  3. Just heard about your blog during your broadcast just now. I've been a listener for years on KUOW. Q: WHY use such a SMALL font? You used "font:x-small Georgia Serif;" WHY X-SMALL? Not all of us have 48" monitors you know! It was barely readable even after I bumped up the text size in my browser on my 14" laptop display.

  4. Thanks for this blog. I love your Friday weather talk on KUOW and am looking forward to getting this kind of info here on the blog. Cheers!

  5. Ralph...I increased the font a step...see if that is better..cliff

  6. I look forward to your forecasts on KUOW all week. Your knowledge about the Sound area and the weather patterns is amazing. I always learn something from you.
    I am thrilled to have your blog to refer to when you aren't on the air. Thanks!


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