October 21, 2008

A very different day today. The front is well past us now, rain has stopped, and most of the area is either clear or in fog--especially near water or in low areas (see pic near Lake WA). Dense fog is actually a sign of good weather ahead. Why? It generally forms on clear nights that allows the surface to cool effectively (the surface loses heat due to infrared radiation to space...if it is cloudy, that doesn't work well). Today should be sunny in most of the region, with temps reaching into the 50s. Tomorrow should be even better...as high pressure builds to the east of us, offshore flow will really dry and warm things up. So tomorrow should get into the upper 50's and lower 60s. Perfect fall day. A weak front should cross the region Thursday..but we will be lucky to get a light shower out of it.


  1. Cliff, I am thrilled to see your blog. As a biologist and naturalist, I enjoy learning about the weather from you on KPLU and now on your blog. I'd love it if, from time to time, you take a minute to define some of the factors that shape our weather - e.g. the famous Everett convergence zone, and the "semi-permanent high" or whatever it is called that dominates our summer weather. Also, when June comes around, I'd love to understand why June usually sees an increase in stormy weather - or, as we call it up in Bham, Junuary. Hopefully, these things are in your book, buy maybe they will make a guest appearance in your blog from time to time.

  2. Cliff,

    do you happen to have any weather related math activities that would be appropriate for 5th or 6th graders?

  3. Mark,
    You might consider getting a cloud chart and let them practice identifying clouds. Another fun activity is to get them a raingauge and min-max thermometer and have them take and analyze their daily observations..cliff mass


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