November 17, 2008

Better than your average November

Yesterday was generally dry and warmer than normal. The biggest issue for some near Puget Sound was that the fog held around in some areas into the afternoon. Other places cleared out by noon and climbed into the upper 50s. Take a look at the graph of our temperatures versus the normal highs and lows (light red..normal highs, light blue...normal lows). Over the past few weeks the low temperatures have been consistently above normal...some days more than 5F higher than usual. And a number of days have had maxima well above the usual. The plants know about my house annuals are not dying off and some of the bushes are still growing.
Today and tomorrow should continue this trend and the next major system will not come in until Thursday am--a very wet front. Another system passes through on Friday and could bring strong winds. Amazingly, it looks like another unseasonably nice weekend...and we are now getting towards the stormiest period of the entire year. The key issue for us is the persistence of a ridge of high pressure aloft over the western U.S.---how long this will keep up, I can't tell you.


  1. I'm enjoying reading your blog -- even here in Portland. Regarding the high lows -- I have one tomato plant that refuses to die...we have yet to see a real frost here in Willamette Valley.

  2. The fog sat in Port Angeles all day Monday. It was dramatic, and beautiful as evening set in. The ship horns on the Strait were sounding all day.


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