November 18, 2008

Weak front and rain on Thursday

A weak front moved through last night and this morning, bring some light showers and clouds. Yesterday was extraordinary with some favored locations getting into the mid-60s. The clouds are dissipating and there is considerable sun...particularly not of Seattle (see image). There is considerable cirrus cloud cover over the region and if you look carefully over the ocean you can see some contrails.
Tomorrow should have considerable clouds, but should be dry...with a modest front--with rain--coming in Thursday morning around breakfast time. Thursday should be wet. Friday will be a break before the next front comes in that evening. Clouds and rain will extend into Saturday morning, followed by rapid improvement. Sunday looks warm and dry. In fact, I am amazed by how good it looks early next week....normally the snowiest period of the year.
You can forget about skiing over the Thanksgiving break this year. Very little chance of that.

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  1. A lot of us are anxiously awaiting a forecast of the first below freezing temp in the lowlands in western WA. Kills the bugs and puts plants (and people) into more of a hibernation mood...

    PS thanks much for your blog, & appreciate the info and perspectives you provide!


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