November 08, 2008

Sunday Break

Well, the continuous moderate rain is over, so the rivers should start to recede, but one more strong precipitation line is about to hit at 8:30 AM (see radar). There will be moderate rain for roughly an hour as this line passes through and then by lunch we will be in sunbreaks and light showers. Temperatures should also be cooler today as we get into the postfrontal air behind this line.
There is a fairly strong low center offshore right now (look at swirl in the satellite pictures and the sea level pressure analysis), but this low will rapidly weaken as it moves big windstorm in the lowlands. But it is quite windy now in NW washington (strong southeasterlies gusting to 30-40 mph) and strong wind winds along the coast (with Destruction Island reaching 50 mph).
So later this afternoon should be much better everywhere with only some showers..highs in the low 50s. Tomorrow and Monday will continue the pattern of sunbreaks and a few showers...not bad for November. Tuesday the torrent returns....but more on that tomorrow.

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  1. I have followed your KUOW weekend weather reports for several years. I just discovered your blog coincident with the installation of a Davis Vantage Pro 2 system at our Copalis Beach second home. The station is up on Weather Underground (KWACOPAL3) and CWOP (DW1622).

    You have been pretty much right on in predicting the current event now winding down. We took a long walk about noon blessed by a sun break you promised. It was followed mid afternoon by the tail of the express in Silverdale.

    My station can't make up for the radar shadow but it might help a tiny bit!

    The blog is great. Keep it up.


    PS I voted against Bergeson based on some strong input from local school board friends and teachers. Glad you are working the math education problem. I taught math, astronomy and physics for ten years in the community college system. You think UW undergrads have math problems? Talk to a community college teacher.


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