November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Upcoming "Heat Wave"

The second half of November has been one of the driest and sunniest in memory...and the fun is not over yet! I just got back from a long run on the Burke Gilman Trail and the mountains were sharply defined and a clear zone was northwest of Mt Rainer. An altocumulus cloud deck with breaks was overhead..the harbinger of a weak front that is now nearing the coast (see sat pic). See that white arc on the coast..that's the front. Eastern Washington is full of low clouds and fog. That is their plague during the winter...eastern Washington is a basin and cool, foggy air tends to collect there during the cold season.
Today the front will approch, clouds will increase, and their will probably be a few light showers this afternoon and early evening. No storm. No power outages and turkey in barbeques as often happens here.
There will be a break tommorrow morning...but it won't last. A warm front, with rain, will move in late morning and afternoon. Good shopping weather. Saturday will be the transitional day with clouds lessening into the afternoon and temps getting in the mid 50s. Sunday will be amazing. Warmer, sunny, offshore flow. Temperatures will reach the upper 50s and even lower 60s in some locations (away from water). Southern Oregon and the Oregon coast will be tropical. No need for that trip to Hawaii. The National Weather Service is playing things cool and conservative...but you don't come to this blog for such forecasts! I think they are too cool.

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