November 09, 2008

A few showers today

A weak trough is over us today and you can see the associated clouds in the the infrared satellite picture. The radar shows light showers moving through in the radar (pink colors are light rain). As this trough moves through expect improvement today with rain ending most lowland locations by lunch (although there could be a few isolated light showers). Higher probability of showers in the mountains. Yesterday ended up warmer than expected, reaching into the lower 60s..but not today...should only see mid 50s.
There is a front looming offshore (see satellite photo) and although it is not a strong one, it should bring clouds and showers tomorrow. Bu ta stronger system will come in starting Tuesday as the jet stream becomes directed straight towards us (see upper level chart below). This is for roughly 18K ft (actually 500 millibar pressure) and the winds are parallel to lines and the closer the lines are packed the stronger the winds. The jet stream is associated with the band of packed lines, and stretches into the Pacific.

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