November 29, 2008

Sunday still looks good

As I mentioned in my earlier messages, Sunday is the day to get out. Today is the transition day as a warm front moves through....mostly cloudy and some light drizzle in the Puget Sound lowlands....with showers in the mountains (see cam shot at Crystal mt). Not much snow in the WA Cascades...and Whistler had barely enough snow for their upper runs. Temps are relatively warm this morning (see regional plot) and winds are generally light. Anyway, tomorrow we should see sun and temps going into the upper 50s...and perhaps more. Rain later on Monday...and some snow in the mountains. Next week will be boring...a "dirty ridge" situation in which we are clipped by systems going mostly to the north. Lots of clouds, occasional showers. No big precip events and no strong windstorms. The persistent underlying ridging (high pressure) in the eastern Pacific seems to be major feature this winter.

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