November 21, 2008

An Unusually Good End of November

Typically the last weeks of November are the bottom of NW weather...the wettest, stormiest time of the year. But not this year. I am going to fix up my bicycle for some nice rides.
Today is a break before the next system..poised off our coast, arrives around dinner time (see satellite pic). The approach of this system is clearly showed by high-resolution regional weather prediction models (see graphic of 3-hr precipitation ending 4 PM). The serious rain will occur overnight...and tomorrow morning will have a few showers in the lowland and more steady showers in the mountains.
Talking about mountains, we did get some post-frontal snow showers in the Cascades yesterday (see pictures at Stevens Pass, which got around 9 inches). There will be more tonight and tomorrow am...but not enough to even think about skiing.
Sunday should be a sunny day with no precipitation, with highest getting into the lower 50s.
Right now the long-range forecast models show no major weather events next week, just a few weak weather systems and a generally ridge (area of high pressure) over the western U.S.

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  1. Cliff,

    We are on Oyster Bay, west of Olympia. Last night (friday 11.21) we experienced very strong winds that extended over two or three hours. Some of the later gusts, of which there were maybe five, were quite extreme (I do not have a measuring device). It is not unusual for us to get these winds when there has been no mention of them in the forecast. Some mornings are extremely windy here, and not windy at all by the time we get to Mud Bay (one bay over to the east). Why do we get these local extreme winds that do not usually appear in the forecast?

    We are all devotees of your broadcasts and blogs, thanks.


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