November 11, 2008

The next two days will be very wet in mountains, but much less so in the lowlands. Winds will also pick up later today...but once we get through this, a very much improving trend is ahead.

The satellite image shows the story, one (weak) disturbance is over us now, and a second, beefier one, is moving rapidly our way. Note how the clouds of the second system stretches thousands of miles to the SW to somewhere around Guam. This moist flow will be heading directly towards us this evening.

Today will really be no big deal...this weak system is moving through with only some light rain and modest winds. Good day to rake those leaves...particularly those that might clog a drain. The serious rain will start tonight after 10 PM and will go into the afternoon tomorrow. The mountains will be hit hard (see the forecast graphic for 24-h rain ending 4 AM tomorrow am), but the central Sound will be rainshadowed by the Olympics. The rainshadow is really amazing in the forecast precip--particularly on the northern portion of the will be hardly raining there. This is a good example of something that makes weather so much fun around here...the startling contrasts of our region. It will raining 5-10 inches on the SW side of the Olympics but nearly dry on the lee side.
Winds...strong southeasterlies in NW washington right now..gusting to 30-40 mph..that will weaken later today. Breezy tomorrow from the south...but no major windstorm. Then strong westerlies in the Strait and N. Sound on Thursday morning

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