November 01, 2008

Weekend Weather

This is going to be a typical early November weekend...clouds and showers...but nothing serious over western Washington...however, something VERY serious is occurring offshore. Take a look at the satellite image. The swirl offshore is a fairly intense low pressure center that will be moving northward offshore..strong winds and large waves will be associated with it...but it is too far away to greatly influence our weather. Take a look at the computer forecast for 11 PM tonight...the lines are isobars, lines of constant pressure. Intense low center with large changes in pressure...which produce strong winds. The only strong winds around here will be the southeasterlies stretching from Whidbey Is to the San Juans (see forecast of wind speeds for tomorrow morning attached). And along the coast. The red and blues are the really strong stuff.
It is relatively dry right now in Puget Sound, but that will change later this morning as the front rotates expect showers later this morning and afternoon. Another disturbance rotates through more showers and clouds. And it should be breezy tomorrow as the low moves north of the leaves will be coming down.

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