March 24, 2024

Potential Aurora Over Washington State Tonight

Look to the north tonight, you might see an aurora!

Skies are relatively clear outside, as shown by the visible satellite image around 6 PM

A significant solar CME event has resulted in particles reaching the Earth's orbit today.  As shown by a NOAA Space Weather Center graphic, the Kp index has reached 8 and will be quite high tonight. 

The figure below illustrates that auroral intensity and southward extent increase with Kp.  Once it gets to around 5, I start looking here in Puget Sound!

In fact, tracking the ejection from the sun shows that the impulse will reach our orbit tonight, just after dark.

Here is the predicted auroral extent this evening.  I am encouraged.

If you can't go out, the next best thing is to check the sensitive sky cam at Skunk Bay Weather that is found here:


  1. Unfortunately, the nearly full moon will make viewing quite difficult.

  2. Rats, I missed it. Checked your blog too late... Anyone else see it?

  3. Never saw it. I've never seen ANY forecasted northern lights this side of the mountains and I live where there's not a lot of ambient light at night


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