October 13, 2008

It was raining very today as I biked home. In fact it was pouring. This frontal zone was not well forecast by the models and I think the intensity of the rain took everyone by surprise. The current models suggests that weekend looks good.


  1. I agree that this was not forecast well. There was a VERY strong line of precipitation that moved down from the north around 6pm. As I was driving home it went from dry and cloudy to pouring and very windy near Lake City. It seemed like a very sharply defined PSCZ after looking at the surface obs and radar. What do you think?

  2. I work in the SoDo area and watched the rain take over the city, but it was still dry here. I hopped on the bike and as soon as I clipped in the sky broke open. It was the hardest rain I have experience while riding in Seattle. I got soaked and it was actually kind of fun to ride in.


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