May 24, 2010

Approaching Front and Some Light Rain

ANNOUNCEMENT: Puget Sound Chapter of the American Meteorological Society Meeting Wednesday night!

PRESENTATION: "The West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center: How We Warn the Nation." Cindi Preller - West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

DATE and TIME: Wednesday, 26 May 2010, at 6:45 PM PDT.

LOCATION and LOGISTICS: The meeting will be at NOAA, Building 9 Auditorium, starting at 6:45 PM. Don't be late! You must be on campus by then since the gates are locked at 7 PM and there won't be anyone to let you onto the NOAA Campus.

The address for NOAA Campus is 7600 Sandpoint Way NE

My blog:

I wish I could report either a heat wave or a big storm like last weak...alas...just cooler than normal weather and some light rain are in store for us. Here is the latest infrared satellite picture:

The front, impressive looking in the infrared imagery, is in reality fairly weak and leads to a low pressure center in the Gulf of Alaska. Not a good day for an Alaskan cruise. The radar is now in clear air mode, which has a different look from the normal "precipitation mode" settings. Some light precipitation is coming in now, and rain is reported on the coast. Clear air mode, as I noted last week, allows us to see weaker features, even insects, weak shear lines, and birds.

But let me cut to the key does Memorial Day weekend look? Right now it appears that the showers will end early Saturday and that this day will be decent with a weak ridge building over the area. But by Sunday afternoon a weak front will make landfall, bringing showers. Timing such features are difficult, but at this point there is NO reason to expect a major warm-up over the weekend....sorry.

Going to eastern Washington might be a nice break from the cool,rainy conditions of the west...but then there is the construction on I90!


  1. Hey Cliff, I use your blog as a secondary forecast every evening so thanks.

    My dad gave me a call tonight about the extended forecast next week. Too early to tell. First cut of hay ready. Looks too risky in E. Wash. Wed., Thurs. 300+hrs GFS paints 12 inches on V. Is. Way too close for comfort.

    Might be the only business where a tenth inch of rain can cost thousands of dollars, in all seriousness.

  2. "Timing such features are difficult, but at this point there is reason to expect a major warm-up over the weekend....sorry."
    Typo? Or are you sorry it will be majorly warm? :)

    I can think of few Memorial Day camping or boating trips when we didn't break out the rain gear. I just plan on rain and then rejoice if it doesn't!

  3. Does the same analysis apply to Northwest Oregon as well?

  4. The I-90 construction two weeks ago was horrible. Added an extra hour to my drive. Would recommend going somewhere else if you are searching for sun.

  5. we had an incredible t-storm here in chehalis: my husband said the hail 1/4 inch and lightning bolts... it was COOL!


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