March 03, 2011

Moving Rainbow

Here is a really interesting video of yesterday's convection at Dale Ireland's location in Silverdale, Washington. Beyond the showers and sunbreaks, there are many shots of rainbows. Note how the rainbows shift to the right during the day. The reason why? The sun is shifting direction and the center of the rainbow is always on the opposite side of the sky from the sun.

Next blog I will tell you where you can find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

A reminder--I will be talking at Ivar's next week (Wednesday, March 9) at 7 PM to talk about the great storm that destroyed the restaurant in 2003 (see sidebar). THIS ONE WONT BE CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW!!!!


  1. Funny enough when I was driving up 1-5 (south of Napavine) I hit a huge downpour, and had a rainbow at the front of my car, it bounced around a bit to the bumpers of the car in front of and the right of me, but it pretty wild that I spent a good 10 mins zooming up 1-5 chasing rainbows.

  2. The 42° is the result of index of refraction. (so sea spray rainbows appear smaller) the question is can one use rainbow to judge the degree of pollution or 'acid rain'? ("nah, it would require too precise a determination of angle")

  3. Not sure about the rainbow but what's going on with the yellow brown cloud east of the Olympics today (the lower part of what I can see from Seattle is a strange color). Is this pollution?

  4. i loved the moving rainbow from silverdale but i have seen rainbows that were between me and the sun - very interesting

  5. I discovered the moving rainbow yesterday - glad to know that I wasn't the only one to enjoy it!


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