July 25, 2019

Rain on Saturday

We are now entering the fabled driest period of the year here in the Northwest, with the driest day on average in Seattle being July 29th.

How dry on July 29th?  The long-term average precipitation on that date is only 4 thousandths of an inch of rain at Sea-Tac Airport. Not even enough to wet down some concrete.

Now back to the Saturday precipitation.....

The latest UW WRF model run has the rain approaching at 5 AM in the morning

And reaching the Cascades by 8 AM.

The 24h total ending 5 PM on Saturday (below) predicts up to a third of an inch on the western side of the Olympics and Cascades, but much more in southwestern BC.  Good for keeping down  BC fires.

The European Center forecasts are similar and highlights the rain in BC (see below).  Forget the threat of fires in BC for a while.

And the extended forecast has more rain next Thursday (the map shows 24h precipitation ending 11 PM Thursday).

It is good we are getting some rain and cooler/moister periods.   Substantial thunderstorm activity on Tuesday resulted in thousands of lightning strikes (see below) that caused a several small fires. 

Seasonal weather without high temperature extremes and the absence of thunderstorms or strong easterly flow should allow the current fires to be controlled and work against new initiations.

Enjoy the weather...except for Saturday morning, it should be close to perfect.


  1. This is the nicest summer we've had here in decades.

    1. If I may ask you, what was wrong with last summer (before August)?

    2. Is there "right" weather and "wrong" weather? What is the "right" weather for the Pacific Northwest?

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated, Cliff! I'll take whatever weather we get--rain or shine. Have a good weekend.

  3. Saturday morning in north Whatcom County, and while we absolutely can use some rain, this prediction isn't panning out and doesn't look to bring any moisture our way.

  4. It seems that much of the area has had some measurable precip this morning. Very heavy clouds rolled in last evening near Mt Baker with immeasurable sprinkles beginning at about 10 pm. This morning, a steady shower began at about 5:35 am, that dropped .07" by CoCoRaHS 7am report-time. A belt of stations reported a great deal of action north of Sea-Tac. These dailies are always a great complement to the forecast maps and regional radar. See www.cocorahs.org/Maps/ViewMap.aspx and drop down ("GET") the map for counties (states, nationwide).

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  6. Bring on some upper 60s for a good 7-10 days with rain at times. I’m SICK of listening to all the fans and AC blaring all day every day ! Even yesterday we used the downstairs AC unit for an hour.


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