November 13, 2020

New Podcast of Wind, Snow and the Winter's Forecast

It is Friday the thirteenth and Mother Nature is throwing everything at us: extremely strong winds on the Oregon Coast and heavy snow in the mountains (more on that below).   My new podcast gives you the latest forecast for the week ahead and answers a question many of you are asking:  what about this winter?  I believe I can give you some solid information on the cool, wet, snowy winter ahead.

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The winds along the Oregon coast this morning have been extraordinary with gusts to 80-90 mph (see map below).  There have been many power outages.

Even the Washington Coast has had some serious wind from the passing low, including gusts to 50-60 mph.

And then there is the snow!  The mountains have been hit hard, with 1-2 feet.  You will need chains to cross Snoqualmie Pass this morning (see picture).  November in the Northwest is historically the period of most active weather and this year will not disappoint.

Cross country skiing and snow shoeing might be excellent COVID-free activities this weekend.

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  1. Noted exceptionally low pressure this morning at home in Shoreline @ 989 mb.

  2. Thanks for everything that you do! Is there any way to read the podcast or get a transcript of it? I'd love the information on what kind of winter we're going to have but do much better with printed information.

  3. I add my very hard-of-hearing plea to Meagan's request for written transcripts of podcasts.


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