July 09, 2021

The Sea Breezes of the Pacific Northwest and A Potential Major Change in Our Weather: New Podcast Today

This is sea breeze season in the Pacific Northwest and my podcast today tells you all about it.

The Northwest has sea breezes of many sizes and strengths, from the coastal sea breezes along the WA/PR coast to the daily influx of cool air into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound, to the regional "sea breeze" that descends the eastern slopes of the Cascades into eastern Washington.

And for intense, sand-blasting sea breezes, no area has a stronger one than southern Oregon.

Finally, my podcast will give you the forecast for the next week and I will give you a first look at a potentially cooler, wetter period starting next weekend.

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  1. Good evening Cliff,

    I have a birthday coming up later this month and I've asked my spouse if we can try and find a thunderstorm in WA to watch. I've looked at a few lightning maps, but I haven't found anything solid to tell us where to start our thunderstorm search. Do you have any advice, guidance, or websites you'd recommend to help us pick a strategic spot in WA to observe thunderstorms in July? Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Ashley.... I can't think of anything better to watch a thunderstorm. Probably eastern Washington. Anyway, send me your email (mine is easy to find) and I will help you...cliff

  3. Cliff, will we be getting some good quality lightning and thunder next weekend such as they have in New Mexico and Arizona?

  4. Will we good the good quality thunderstorms that they have in n the desert southwest next weekend?

  5. Do a little online research for lightening strikes in a given calendar year. Earth Networks has a map that shows lightening for states and counties. Yakima had the most lightning activity in 2019 for example but the Cascade Crest was also very busy with Snohomish county logging the most strikes countywide in the Seattle Metro. Kitsap logged the most lightening strikes per square mile in the Seattle Metro.

    That just informs you where to possibly be statistically to have a better chance to observe a thunderstorm but there still has to be all the classic thunderstorm ingredients present as well.

  6. Hi Cliff,

    Do you think it will be possible to forecast smoke better in the future?




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