February 19, 2009

Weather Special on Monday Night on KIRO TV

For all you weather lovers, KIRO will have an hour long special on Monday night on the December 2007 storm. The info link with a short clip is below. It is a bit scary...so if you are faint of heart weatherwise, don't view it...cliff



  1. Andy, I was just wondering why the snow wouldn't fall in the south sound? Is it because of southerly winds? If so, wouldn't the north sound get snow also? Thanks.

  2. Well I think it would have to with the moisture, placement of the front/ area of low pressure/ winds ect. But in this case, there doesn`t appear to be southerly winds for what the 12zWRF is showing.

    So think your right, snow would most likely start in the north sound first and work southward as the front continues to works it was south through our region.

    Hope this answers your questions.. :o)

    1pm Thurs.

  3. Your welcome, Brett.

    Evening outlook:

    Even though the area of low pressure shown for the weekend may be further off shore, it`s still close enough to be sending rotating bands of showers into our region under SWLY flow aloft for Sun and into early part of the work week. And this time around instead of the low moving inland over Wa for mid-late week, it now appears that things will dry out as the low under goes further weakening and sinks southward. This suggests more of a split-flow type theme of where we have a north/south jet, thus the weakening and or splitting of systems. Previous GFS models showed much colder weather with possible snow by end of next week, but 18z is much farther east and we are just left with cool, dry conditions. But however, from about late next weekend into beginning of next month, GFS still continues the idea of us getting into cool/cold unsettled pattern with large troughs dipping down from the NW and giving Western Wa marginal lowland snow chances at times. So we just may break this split-flow that we`ve had for sometime now, but we`ll see how it goes.


  4. Doesn't look very scary at all to me.

    Joseph, it's just a different type of severe weather than most people think about ('severe weather' usually means thunderstorms in peoples' minds). But even that doesn't happen very often here.

  5. Andy

    What's happening today?:)

  6. What happening today you ask? Quite weather! :o) Looks like we might get back into split-flow as this low gives us some rain and showers time for early next week..

  7. Andy, have you become Cliff Mass giving us updates during the times he's too busy to post? :)

  8. Uh no...lol. :o)

    I just feel like posting about the weather outlook.

  9. No chance of snow later next week then Andy? Have there ever been any good snowfalls in early March?

  10. Anon 603pm...

    You know, I don`t recall any good and wide spread snows, but rather the cold front swinging through with PSCZ in the afternoon giving a quick snow showers or ice pellet showers.

    As for lowland snow chances...would say like any of us here, keep checking the models to see what they say. It is late winter, yes, and we can get snow but it`s harder come by.

    Joseph... thanks for your comments. :o)

  11. Thanks for heads up Cliff on the Weather Special next Monday evening. From the intro clip it looks like something to watch.

  12. This is pretty irrelevant to Cliff's blog, but... I'm thinking about starting a fun contest for people to take their shot at forecasting the weather. Is that something that anyone here would be interested in? Just getting an idea of what kind of participation I might have if I decide to do it!

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