June 01, 2009

KCTS and Convection

If you aren't tired of me yet, I will be on KCTS9 tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 PM. I taped a one-hour weather talk a few weeks ago that will be shown, plus live questions tomorrow night (you can submit them on the web site)....

By the way, there was some nice convection on the Cascades this afternoon....you can see it on the high-resolution satellite imagery and some of it shows on the portland radar (see imagery). There has been lots of convection in Oregon the last few days.
Later this week the convection gets quite close to us...we will see and a marine push is expected late Thursday. Tomorrow should be a notch warmer than today.


  1. Cliff,

    Did you see the line of lenticulars east of the Cascades Sunday night? They extended from just south of Mt. Baker to a bit south of Ranier. I have never seen such a continuous line of lennies before--not even over the Sierras. Didn't check the winds aloft, but I'm sure they were substantial. Probably a rough flight over the east side.

    Would you please comment about the conditions that cause extensive standing altocumulus lenticular formations?


  2. Cliff, your certainly right about the convection the last few days. But it has been mainly over Oregon Cascades, though today...convection got closer! Looks like things fired up over the SW WA Cascades this time! :D

  3. You need to go "podcast" with this type of program material Cliff.

  4. What a nice day today. Did you know this is only the fourth day in the last 17 years it has been this warm at SeaTac on or before June 2? (the 17th time in the 51 years of observations at the airport)

    Cliff, should we expect more of this type of weather with global climate change, especially with the Northwest warming more than most other parts of the country? It will be interesting to see if we can get more thundershowers if so.

  5. Cliff,

    Could you comment on the hot wind out of the north, that we endured on Sunday up here in Bellingham. I work at a nursery and the sun combined with the hot dry wind parched the plants and those of us folks who prefer slightly cooler temps.

  6. The propagation of FM radio is good during weather like this. I've heard stations as far south as Arizona and east to ND.

  7. mainstreeter said. "The propagation of FM radio is good during weather like this. I've heard stations as far south as Arizona and east to ND."

    That's tropospheric ducting in a quite stable atmosphere ... one of the few times radio waves interact strongly with the atmosphere to give much beyond the horizon communication at VHF/UHF/SHF.


    The VHF/UHF and microwave enthusiasts will be having a great time. Radar ops and PMR will be having a terrible time.

    73 DE N7WIM

  8. For those so inclined, this gives a heads up on ducting.

    VHF Propagation Map

  9. i bet you can pick up some of these tonight:


  10. This morning's low of 64 at Sea-Tac International Airport marks the warmest low temperature ever recorded at the airport (since records began in 1948) before the date of June 17, and also the highest in the Seattle area since records began in 1894.

    Just in case you were interested!


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