June 18, 2009

No! It Can't End This Way!

If it doesn't rain by midnight we will beat the all time record for consecutive days without rain at Sea Tac during May and June. But, look at the radar image at 8:44 PM...I can't believe it! A band of rain is approaching rapidly! It will take a miracle to save the record now.

So if you know any meteorological incantations...this is the time.


  1. so far tonight it has rained a trace in Olympia.

  2. We got a wee soaking during our evening walk about an hour ago in Port Townsend. Probably enough to hatch a new crop of skeeters, darn it!

  3. Not that this counts for seeing actual rain, but did some distant virga falling out of some alto-stratus clouds this evening.

  4. Had a little light shower come through here just a few minutes ago here on Hollywood hill, Woodinville. Nothing in my gauge though. And you know what? June is going to go down as one of the DRIEST months so far this year in many places I bet.

    This month so far, I have only received .02" of rain. That is DRY! July in normally one of the driest months, so we`ll have to see what it brings.

  5. I live in White Center about 3 miles as the crow flies from SeaTac. It just started to sprinkle here. I don't think we're going to break the record now.

  6. Trace reported at the airport from 10:07pm to 10:53pm, but light rain reported. The streak still stands, but it is on the ropes...

    Does the official climate report go through midnight DST or midnight Standard Time?

  7. It looks like Sea-Tac set the record - only a trace reported the past couple of hours.

  8. What is the "official" stance on when records are set? The SEA daily climate summary appears to be posted after 00 UTC, but most of the commentary on the dry spell refers to midnight local time, or even one TV station talking about 1:00 AM...?

    It could make a difference, as we almost saw last evening when showers moved through after 00 UTC (5 PM PDT) but before local midnight.

  9. 0.01" officially reported yesterday. The record was only tied at 29 days. The first time the ASOS reported measurable rainfall was between 12:53am and 1:13am PDT (11:53pm and 12:13am PDT). I'm thinking the climate reports do in fact use Standard Time (which was my thinking), meaning the day ended at 1am Daylight Time.

    If this is the case, then we missed the record by enough rain falling in that last seven minutes to total 0.01" for the evening before 1am.

    Is this correct?

  10. Confirmed... climate data is based on Standard Time for the entire year.

    So we lost the chance to break the record by seven minutes.

    Cliff didn't know how foretelling his "No! It Can't End This Way" headline would become... I'm sure even he didn't imagine it would be lost in the final seven minutes of the 30th day...


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