August 06, 2016

Thunderstorms and Thunderboats

If a little thunder is good, more must be better?

Tomorrow in Seattle will be a day of thunder.  You start with the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels.    Lots of man made thunder.  But why stop there?   Some real thunderstorms may spice things up, as long as no one is hit by lightning, of course.

The latest forecast models suggest that showers and thunderstorm could well come in a few hours earlier than expected, with some approaching the region by 12-1 PM, with a significant chance (30-40%) by mid afternoon.

Here is the lighting guidance provided by the UW WRF for  11 AM-- potential for lightning over the coastal region.
 By 3 PM, the potential for lightning has spread through much of western Washington.
 The three hour precipitation precipitation ending 2 PM shows substantial showers in the north Olympics and SE of Seattle.
The next three hours  is similar, with central Puget Sound escaping the brunt of the action.  So perhaps the hydroplane races and Blue Angeles will not be seriously affected.

But watch the weather and your favorite radar weather app during the day to protect yourself from a sudden downpour.  And if lightning approaches, get off the water immediately and stay away from isolated tall objects.

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  1. No thunderstorms on Bainbridge Island, but plenty of showers, particularly overnight when it seems the PSCZ stalled over me for several hours. 0.94" total in my gauge.


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