October 09, 2020

New Podcast: Stormy Weather and the Jet Stream

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Episode Description

The weather is about to turn stormy, wet, and windy, as the first strong front reaches our coast later today. 

And connected with this change is the strengthening of the jet stream, the current of strong winds aloft, and its movement right over us, with winds reaching 150 mph from the west over the weekend

The forecast map of upper level winds (200 hPa, roughly 35,000 ft) shows strong winds extending from Japan to our coast (red are winds of 150 kt and more!).  The flight from Japan to Seattle will be quite short on Sunday.

My podcast will give you a detailed forecast and explain the origin of the jet stream and some history of its impacts.

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My blog on KNKX and the Undermining of American Freedom is found here.

An extraordinary story about Matt Martinez, Program Director of KNKX, is found here in which he talks about his views regarding the demographics of KNKX listeners and staff All KNKX listeners should read it.


  1. It's interesting that the jet stream was discovered after the US Air Force realized that their high altitude bombing runs over Japan were wholly ineffective during WW2. Thereafter they did their runs at much lower altitudes, except of course excluding the atomic bombs.

    1. A B25 bomber dropping ammo into a 150mph wind , yes not effective at all.

  2. Thank you so much for your great podcast again, Cliff. My husband and I look forward to these every Friday morning. We did, by the way, voice strenuous criticism of KNKX and support of you, only to receive a rather canned response. I am not supporting them in any way from now on, and appreciate your time and efforts in doing this, which we also feel is much more comprehensive and informative. Thanks again!

  3. FYI....Dori Monson, a very conservative talk show host at KIRO...has been suspended for a tweet he made...it was a sarcastic comment pointing out that in this state, one can go to Olympia, and change one's sexual orientation....That is not something I would say on social media, without expecting criticism....but I am now worried, that Corporate mavens are censoring their employees when they use social media to express views that are obviously just personal opinion....do we still have freedom of speech?...or are we witnessing an abridgment of that concept, by corporate interests?

    1. Well employers have the right to drug test employees, fire at will, and enforce conduct policies. Are you advocating for workers rights?

    2. Freedom of speech still exists...as long as the one yelling the loudest agrees your opinion matches their opinion.

  4. The best weather blog out there. have shared with many and they agree. thank you.


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