February 26, 2021

New Podcast: Weekend Weather and Why Texas Weather is So Extreme

 This weekend promises relatively dry weather over the lowlands and showers on the western side of the Cascades, as a ridge of high pressure settles in over the eastern Pacific. 

  Washington's snowpack is in excellent shape, with most of the region beingaround 140% of normal (see below).   But there is a serious issue:  avalanche danger is high and everyone needs to be careful if they venture into the backcountry.

After the forecast, my podcast goes into some depth on why Texas has such extreme weather during the winter, gyrating between heat and cold.

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  1. the coldest day I can remember was a summer day in Amarillo.
    I was told, "there's a single strand of barbed wire between us and the north pole."
    In hindsight, that was pretty accurate.

  2. This La Nina has upset everything we know about ENSO conditions. This is the most El Nino La Nina I have ever seen. During El Nino you can have warm central Pacific storms such as 1982-83 Super El Nino which to a degree is what we had. Texas in general does better for snow under moderate to weak El Nino.

  3. A few rumbles of thunder around 8 PM then strong hail at 10:45 (east bellevue)


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