August 20, 2021

June Gloom in August and the Upcoming La Nina: My New Podcast is Out!

While June was sunny and warm, August is turning cool and cloudy--and that will be the story during the next 4-5 days I am afraid.

Today will barely get to 70F in western Washington....and forget 90s in most of eastern Washington.

Low clouds have spread across western Washington and they aren't moving out very fast.  Smoke is found east of the Cascade crest.

Saturday will be a bit warmer....low 70s in the west and there could well be some sprinkles, particularly over the western slopes of the Cascades.  A weak disturbance moving south out of BC will rev up the clouds on Sunday, followed by an improving trend on Monday.

The big weather action will be on the east coast where Hurricane Henri may hit eastern Long Island on Sunday morning!  The NOAA HWRF forecast is shown below for 5 AM PDT Sunday.  Wow.

My podcast will talk about the forecast, but more importantly, I will review the upcoming La Nina situation in some depth.  Really good news for water resources in the Northwest, bad news for California.

You can listen to the podcast here:

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  1. Deliverance from that awful heat. Can finally sleep again.

  2. weather is finally good again. just need the rain now...

  3. Yes I love the cooler weather. So ready for fall and winter.

  4. Cliff, the cfs climate model is showing much warmer then normal temps for September Could we have a repeat of last September with wildfire and damage?.

  5. Love your blog and podcasts. Cliff, would love to see more information on weather in Eastern Washington. You have many friends here in Yakima. For us, weather isn't just a matter of personal convenience or inconvenience, recreational preference, or academic interest. Here, whatever your occupation, it always depends ultimately on agriculture which depends on irrigation, which depends on weather.

    1. I agree with Bryan…more insight into weather in Eastern Washington would be great. We are just finishing up harvesting some of the poorest wheat yields we have experienced as farmers here on the Palouse. This drought has been devastating. Looking forward to a La Niña, and hope it makes it across the Cascades to help us out!

  6. I'll get a head start on the MSM headlines - "Hurricane Henri is caused by Global Warming! If we don't spend trillions of our dollars (which we don't have and will impoverish future generations even more than today), we'll have hurricanes annihilating us every week in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!"

  7. Agree with the first 3 comments on desirability of cooler temperatures and rain. While La Niña increases probability of wetter winter with lower temperatures the results by the end of spring can be disappointing. Here in Oregon the mid March through April period was exceptionally dry setting us up for an early fire season and water deficits. From reading at the time I am recalling that the MJO had gone into an extended lull in terms of rain producing activity.

  8. good grief, isn't 9 months of rain enough for you folks? i'd like some more sun, please.


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