May 16, 2009

Finally...a nice weekend

It is interesting that we almost always have a mid-May break of nice weather...even during the worst years. And then we descend into the June low clouds before the major shift after July 4th. You can almost set your clock by it.

Today will be sunny and warm in much of the state...and the latest visible satellite image shows clouds limited to the NW portion of the Washington (see image). You will see a weak front offshore..that will be dissipating and moving on to the coast tomorrow afternoon...but its only effects on the interior will be some scattered clouds.

So today and tomorrow will get to around 70F in the Puget Sound lowlands...and eastern Washington will reach the mid to upper 80s tomorrow...head east for summer. Monday will be dry..and then rain returns on Tuesday. Will this warmth save my tomatoes? Time will tell.

..and remember to sign up for the radar forum on May 28th if you want to tell Senator Cantwell in person that you support the coastal weather radar (see last blog)....and note I will be talking at Barnes and Noble next Friday at 7:30 PM on a consumers guide to NW weather.


  1. I swear, last year was the worst tomato year in many years. Only time will tell how this year is going to shape up.

  2. My tomatoes are holding on - here's hoping that today even gave them some growth.

  3. Has it really been that bad in Seattle? May has been on the cool side but we have had several sunny weekends in a row up in Bellingham. Isn't Seattle usually sunnier than B'ham? One of those I spent in Vancouver, BC and it was simply gorgeous! Speaking of Gorges, it heated up quickly at the Amphitheater in George this weekend but partial cloud cover kept it from getting TOO hot. I am loving May this year!


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