May 07, 2009

Major Advance for the Coastal Weather Radar

After the depressing events yesterday with Seattle's selection of an extremely poor high school math book series (see my previous post), it was delightful to get some extraordinary good news today: funding for the coastal radar has been added to the President's budget. Senator Maria Cantwell, a key supporter of the radar, broke the news today in a press release available on her web site ( The implications of this inclusion are substantial...the National Weather Service is now supporting the radar and if the requested funding is approved by Congress (about 7 million dollars), the radar will become a reality.

There are details of course, such as determining the best locations, securing land, bringing in utilities, but these are all doable. Although we can't get this funded and acquired by the coming winter, there is no reason why the radar can't be in place for the winter of 2010-2011 if the National Weather Service works efficiently. And when this radar is installed, the citizens of this state will be far better protected from natural disasters with improved warmings and forecasts from the coastal waters to eastern Washington.

Want some more good news....the forecast looks quite good for the weekend...particularly on Sunday...Mother's Day. Sunny, dry, mid 60s. And everything is blooming.

Finally, on Sunday I will be in Port Townsend giving at talk at 1 PM at the Rose Theater on local weather...more information to the right. Will include a book signing (a local bookstore will have books). So stop in if you live on the Peninsula or wish to take the ferry from Whidbey. (Remember the Hood Canal Bridge is out for repair).


  1. Book signing, too, right? (I hope, I hope).

  2. I hope the new radar will always be on. Today's and radar pages showed no moisture even though the convergence zone had a steady mist through the morning ride.

  3. The Senator from Real Networks makes good!

  4. I hope they site the equipment in an already-industrial area of Grays Harbor or Pacific County so that there won't be a long environmental process. Also,since RF radiation from the radar equipment has been cited variously as a health risk, a suitable location away from population centers would seem to be prudent, also.

    (in case anyone is interested in my opinion =-) )

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  6. It's 1944' but not sure if any surrounding hills to the NW block it's path. It has power which is important to a remote site.

    Naselle Ridge Communication Site

  7. Good to know/ hear that the Gov`t is taking steps to eventually get that very much needed coastal radar in place.

  8. Is this just for Washington or is the money for an Oregon radar too?

  9. I think a coastal radar is great and a long time coming. Channel 13 says they have "double doppler". Do they actually have a radar out there already? Why wouldn't forcaster be able to use it. Or, is channel 13 lying?


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