May 23, 2009

No Weather

This is going to be an extraordinary weekend...dry, generally sunny, with temps in the lowlands around 70F. The satellite picture this morning showed some low clouds on the coast that pushed into the SW interior...but that will rapidly burn back (see image). Just to remind you of the rain, I have attached a plot of the average May rainfall (blue) and observed this month (red). Roughly double normal at Sea Tac.

A weak front will approach very late Monday..but that will not mess up the holiday weekend.

Watch for the Sound Breeze developing during the late afternoons...this is the northerly wind that blows southward into Puget Sound between 3 and 8 PM on warm summer afternoons. It is essentially a giant sea breeze between the interior of western WA (mostly land) and the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Georgia.


  1. With a predicted 'sea-breeze', this means once temps warm, temps will quickly cool back down...

  2. We have a similar local phenomena at our location here in Dutcher Cove, Case Inlet, Pierce County. We've observed when the the temperature upstream in the valley warms up, the breeze comes up into the cove as the cooler air flows in from the sound to replace the rising warm air on the pastures.
    This breeze, then, is a southerly in the cove when just outside the cove the breeze may be rolling along from the north or is calm.

  3. Long before Steve PoolWatch the weather lady reclining on the weather map in cahoots with Ernst Hardware.



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