November 12, 2021

The Story of Northwest Flooding and the Weekend Forecast (Very Wet): All in My New Podcast

 My new podcast is out, and I go into detail about the origins of Northwest flooding and describe the VERY active weather that is expected over the new few days.

The current radar shows the atmospheric river precipitation over us (below)...and it clearly displays the radar gap along the central and southern Oregon coat.

ANOTHER atmospheric river hits Saturday night/Sunday morning (see 24-h total ending 4 PM Sunday in the graphic below),  which will be most problematic over western Washington and southern BC.

And THEN a powerful front comes through on Monday that will bring even MORE rain (as much as 7 inches in the mountains and several inches over Puget Sound).  Expect street flooding.

The front will be accompanied by strong winds and followed by MUCH colder air, with the snow levels plummeting to roughly 2000 ft in the mountains.

More details in the podcast!

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I will be doing a book signing and dinner event at Ivar's Salmon House in Seattle on Wednesday, November 17th (6 PM).  You can come just to purchase a book and get it personalized or you can stay for a special dinner, where I will be giving a weather talk.   More information on the event is found here.  You need to make reservations for the dinner (only 80 spaces available). And information about the new edition of my book is here.

Half the spot are now reserved, so if you want to go, reserve a place soon.


I will be doing a special online zoom session for the podcast/blog Patreon supporters this Saturday at 10 AM.


  1. This is one of the reasons why I moved to the PNW; relatively mild winters, but if you wanted snow you only had to drive to the Cascades for your fill. I hope this pattern continues into the winter months, but not to the extent that we experience too many mudslides in vulnerable areas.

    1. This is not an ideal pattern for the ski season. atmospheric river/pineapple express is accompanied by high freezing levels and an unstable alpine snow pack, with the low elevation snow pack being non existent. This was the dominant pattern last winter.

  2. Hey Professor! If we already own the second edition, may we bring our copy to get signed at the event Wednesday night?


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