April 29, 2022

How Understanding Temperature Can Save Your Life. Plus a Mixed Weekend Forecast

 My podcast discusses surface air temperature, how it varies, and how a little knowledge about it might save your life while driving.  Check it out either through the links below or through your favorite podcast service.

And there there is this weekend, which is also covered in the podcast.  Today (Friday) has been quite pleasant but a fairly strong front is rapidly approaching rapidly.

2 PM Friday

The front will move through Saturday morning bringing moderate rain with trailing showers.  By Sunday morning the entire region will be wetted down, with Oregon getting the brunt of the precipitation (see below)

Sunday should be very nice as high pressure builds aloft, with temperatures surging into the 60s in western Washington.  Then on Monday, a potent system will come in from the Northwest, dumping another major shot of precipitation into Oregon (see below).   This is all very good news, since Oregon has been considerably drier than Washington this winter.

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