April 23, 2021

New Podcast: The Big Weather Change over the Weekend and the Inside Story on Weather Radar

 Weather radar is an extraordinary technology that both saves lives and helps keep us dry.  In my podcast, I will tell you about how weather radar works and describe its origins during World War II.  Interestingly, it was the obscuration of German bombers by heavy rain that suggested the potential for weather radar (see the image of the British Chain Home radar network below).

British Chain Home radars at Dover

In my podcast, I explain how weather radar works and suggest a smartphone app that can change your life...... at least keep you dry.

The first part of my podcast will deal with the big weather change over the weekend, with Saturday being particularly cool and wet.  The precpitation forecasts for the 24-h amounts ending at 5 PM Saturday suggest that hiking in the mountains might be better planned for another day:

Here is my podcast:

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The Northwest Weather Workshop, the annual gathering to talk about Northwest weather, climate, and major meteorological events, will take place on May 1, 2021. This year we will have a special session on the meteorology of the September 2020 regional wildfires. The meeting will be online. More information, the agenda, and registration information is found here: https://atmos.uw.edu/pnww/


  1. Can you please post the link to the UW radar? Thanks.

    1. @runningwild The link is on the sidebar of this page. Look for "Favorite Weather Websites."

  2. Cliff, thanks for the great podcast and all of your work. I checked out Radar Scope per your recommendation. I see it provides great real-time radar data, but no modeling / forecasting for the next 12-24 hrs or beyond. What do you suggest using for that?


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