August 05, 2022

The Northwest Weather Roller Coaster and Weather Signs in the Sky: All in My New Podcast

 My new podcast is out (see below on how to listen).

I start with the forecast, which includes our typical summer weather roller coaster.  Warming into the upper 80s in the west, followed by a sharp decline on Wednesday.

Our summer weather

But most of my time is spent on how you can gain insights into future weather by watching the sky.

I start by noting that declining visibility after a clear period is often a sign of the influx of marine air.

Then I talk about "caps" on our mountains that often indicate an approaching storm.

While contrails can often indicate a weather decline

And mid-level cumulus can suggest the upcoming potential of thunderstorms or other inclement weather.

In short, there are a lot of weather insights available to an educated observer.

To listen to my podcast, use the link below or access it through your favorite podcast service.

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