August 07, 2022

Warm For A Few Days Then Cooling with Showers

 Climatologically, we are now moving past the climatologically warmest time of the year, as the weakening sun and shorter days finally start taking their meteorological toll. 

And during the next few days, we will experience substantially warmer than normal high temperatures, but comfortable temperatures at night.  

But on Wednesday, both cooling and showers will move in, with the side benefit of helping to get control of a few local wildfires.

The visible satellite image this morning shows clear skies, but some smoke from the Vantage grass fire, and the northern extent of a lightning-caused fire in the central Oregon Cascades (the Cedar Creek Fire).  There is also a small fire in south-central BC.

The warmth today and tomorrow will be associated with the northwest extension of an upper-level ridge over the Northwest (see upper-level map for 5 AM Monday, below).  But pay attention to the deep low west of northern California.

It has our name on it.

By Wednesday at 5 PM, the low will approach our coast with the inland ridge retreated eastward.  Think cooler.  And wet.

The latest National Weather Service National Blend of Models, a statistical approach that derives information from many models and observational inputs,  suggests that in Seattle the highs will rise to the upper 80s today and tomorrow, decline modestly on Tuesday, and then plummet to 75 on Wednesday, followed by around 80F for the remained of the week.    

Lows will be around 60F each night, so evening cooling should be good.

Much warmer east of the Cascades, but not equal to last week.  At Pasco, it will be as warm as low 100s through Tuesday, followed by the upper 90s.

That approaching low will bring some showers to the area on Wednesday,  with the accumulated precipitation through Thursday at 5 AM showing light rain offshore, along the western side of Washington, and across much of eastern Oregon.

Although warm, visibility should be excellent at Seafair today, if you want to catch the new (and larger) Blue Angels.


  1. Cliff, I was expecting a little more comment from you on the chances for dry lightning storms in Eastern Washington from this storm. Models do not show too much moisture with the storm and they forecast drying, warming temperatures later next week after the low moves inland. Considering the very dry, warm weather we will be having early in the week, any lightning could start new fires and any rain may not be enough to put them or the current fires out.

  2. Always appreciated, Cliff. Thanks!

  3. Looking forward to pushing triple digits next week!

  4. There appears to be another heatwave on the way around the 17th most models agree on that more 90's for Seattle possible.


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